Calling All Brave, Compassionate, Soulful Women

Written December 17, 2020 by Julie Niall
Last updated December 17, 2020

Many years ago I lived and worked in Eastern Europe and I was fortunate to have a great adventure visiting beautiful Ukraine. There I had a meeting with a woman artisan who I have never forgotten. I do not remember her name, we shared no common language, and I only was with her about thirty minutes, but she was remarkable and memorable.

I was there a few days in the Ukraine and a translator had been arranged for part of my visit. This friendly, brilliant (and handsome) young man, took me on a tour one afternoon of the beautiful area where I was visiting. The tour concluded with him taking me to meet an artist friend of his. She worked in a basement studio that was filled with stunning , beautiful clay sculptures of women.

Every one of them was pregnant.

I commented on them to my guide. He translated for her that all the women sculptures were pregnant with spirit.

Before we left, the sculptor put a piece of clay into my hands. "What are you going to create?" she asked...

Some of us birth our children. Some of us have children others have birthed. Some of us have "children" that are not little humans...they are our projects, dreams and visions to be nurtured, strengthened, loved and celebrated.

So all you brave, compassionate, soulful women (and men): What is inside of you?

What will you create?

What gifts are you going to bring to the world?

What is the call of your spirit?

What will you birth next?

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