What is Coaching?

Coaching is a confidential, collaborative and ongoing process that helps you to move forward in your life. Coaching is extremely beneficial for anyone who is looking to discover their purpose, find greater fulfillment, achieve their goals, establish a personal vision and discover their true self.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy. While counseling concentrates on healing from the past; coaching is forward focused. By asking powerful questions, a coach helps you to find your own answers, get clear, create plans of action, and supports you in quieting your self-doubt while bravely moving forward with personal growth and change.

At HIP Living we believe coaching is an Art. It is a co-creative process that always honors the client's strengths, values and callings. We believe coaching can inspire you to shine and thrive, bring your gifts to the world, and love your life. In our sessions, I will hold you accountable to take action to reach your goals and to live confidently. NOW is the time to begin living with greater joy and purpose! It’s time to be the compassionate, creative and soulful person you are.

Life coaching will be good for you IF:

  • You want someone in your corner to cheer you on, believe in you and help bring out the best in you.
  • You want to get things done and make things happen.
  • You want to break free from underestimating yourself, holding back, remaining stuck, getting caught up in self-limiting beliefs, worrying too much about what other people think…
  • You want to gain awareness, clarity, purpose and vision.
  • You have decisions to make.
  • You want to feel inspired, strong and motivated.
  • You want to believe in yourself and regain your "spark".
  • You are needing greater self-care and seeking greater self-love. You want work-life balance, stress relief and more joy in your life.
  • You wish to find or express your creativity.

What is HIP Living?

HIP Living, LLC is a life coaching company founded by Julie Niall. HIP Living is also an acronym for Heartfelt, Inspired, Passionate Living. HIP Living was created to support and inspire people to move forward courageously to live their best lives, while being a force for good in the world!

When and where?

Presently, each individual coaching session occurs via Zoom meetings and/or telephone. Sessions are 50 minutes and will be scheduled by email.


Rates depend on the number of sessions booked, which we will confirm after you book your first session. I offer an initial 30 minute session at no charge, with no obligation to continue. Please contact me if you have questions.

A portion of HIP Living profits are contributed to programs supporting vulnerable children and women.


Julie has been very supportive and instrumental in helping me truly look at and unearth where I am at in my career and which direction I wanted to take.  Assisting me in solidifying what I am looking for at this time of my life and how to become more comfortable and grounded in making those decisions.  Julie provided the tools I needed to clarify for myself why I wanted to make a change and then to also feel confident I was making a change for the right reasons.  Julie, thank you so much!  I truly appreciate your wisdom.

My coaching sessions with Julie have been valuable and transformative. She worked with me to evaluate and correct some situations in my personal life where I was struggling to find direction. By asking meaningful and heart-felt questions, Julie helped me to make positive changes to some patterns and habits that were holding me back. Julie is a natural at life coaching and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is struggling with life issues or feeling "stuck."

I had the fortunate opportunity to be coached by Julie Niall this year. At that time I had found myself at a crossroad, uncertain as to the direction to follow, and had been stuck for quite a while with an internal debate over this issue. The coaching that I received from Julie helped me to unlock what I truly wanted, but until that point, had been afraid to admit to myself. The coaching also enabled me to actively pursue that which I truly desired.

Earlier in my life I was in therapy due to a stressful event. So when I was being coached by Julie, I couldn't help but compare her with the two different therapists from my past. I have to say that Julie was as good or perhaps better. From the start, I felt a sincere rapport, a strong level of trust and comfort in sharing my issue. Julie's questions to me were spot on in helping me to clearly see what before had been muddled. Throughout our time together I never doubted her compassion and her genuine desire to assist me in figuring out my quandary. Her calm assurance and accepting nature made me feel safe to discuss what I hadn't shared with anyone before.

Being coached by Julie was a huge gift.

I started working with Julie on some habits which came up for me during the COVID quarantine. I had a list! We took them on one by one. Julie is such a pleasure to do work with. She’s curious, genuine, and offers compassionate support. I felt I made progress right from the first session. Julie was artful in how she used her perception and knowledge to help us create my goals. The way she works helped me find little parts of myself that I’d overlooked. Sometimes the usual no’s are so loud that it’s hard to hear a quiet yes in your body. What I've learned about myself with Julie has stuck with me.

As my life coach, Julie was able to help me to quickly make some simple changes that have greatly impacted my life in multiple ways. She starts each session asking what your goals are  and focuses on them throughout the session, and she asks the right questions to help guide you in the direction of what you are wanting to accomplish. At the end of each session, together you  devise an action plan to work on for the next week. Julie will hold you accountable to your goals, but she is all realistic that change takes time, and sometimes we need to take small steps to work towards our goals. She is always very positive and supportive. It is without reservation that I would highly recommend Julie as a life coach. It will be life changing!

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