Wings to Fly

Written December 2, 2020 by Julie Niall
Last updated December 2, 2020

Feet what do I need you for, when I have wings to fly? - Frida Kahlo

Once I had a friend that gave me a bird.

I don't mean a bird that was a pet in a cage, like a budgie or a parrot.

It was a real live bird (some kind of pigeon I think) that when I opened a huge box I had been handed (on an outdoor patio), the bird, uncaged, fluttered up and flew away.

The message was this: You are free and adventurous like this bird. You can "fly". Keep flying and be true to yourself. You can go where you want to go in life. There are endless opportunities and possibilities. Time to soar. And don't live in a box...

At the time it was a celebration of my 30th birthday. I was a single, young woman who loved life and was on the verge of an exciting new career. In fact, I was starting a job as a leader in an elementary school system where previously no woman had ever been in charge. I felt confident, creative and courageous. I was totally passionate about my work. It was a time to take flight.

My friend who gave me that thoughtful and unusual gift passed on years ago. I am so grateful for this memory and for him, reminding me I have wings to fly.

Is it time for you to fly, too?

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