What's HIP?

Written November 7, 2020 by Julie Niall
Last updated November 7, 2020

HIP Living is an acronym that stands for Heartfelt, Inspired, Passionate Living. That is what I want for you and me. Why? Let me elaborate below on what HIP Living means for us.

Heartfelt living is about living from the heart with love. Love for others, for yourself, for life, for God or your Faith. Heartfelt living is about responding to the call of your heart and trying to faithfully follow that. Heartfelt living is taking a stand for goodness, caring for others, and striving to live wisely, resisting negativity, self sabotage, and thoughtlessness. If you live from your heart you will be a source of joy and light.

Inspired living is living that is solidly based in your sources of inspiration and knowing that your spirit is the most powerful part of you. Inspired living is celebrating the truest, highest, best part of yourself, and striving to see the same in others. Inspired living is taking the steps to strengthen and grow your spirit with a spiritual practice, cultivating your wellness, exploring your self-expression and honoring your values and sense of purpose. If you live inspired, you will feel more confident and ready to meet life's challenges and opportunities.

Passionate living is about courageously taking action to make your dreams reality, to respond to your callings, to commit to your goals and purpose even when it is hard or demands you to change and transform. Passionate living is about taking risks, being bold and feeling alive. If you are passionate you are committed to do what it takes, determined to dig in and work hard, unrelenting in honestly facing yourself and whatever is holding you back. If you are passionate, you will take action, be resilient and be grateful for each new day.

When your heart, your inspiration and your passion are all working together you can work through your challenges and seize the possibilities. You can live a fulfilled, meaningful life and make a difference in the lives of others.

What is your heart telling you? Who or what inspires you to move forward in positive ways? What are you passionate about?

What does HIP Living look like, to you?

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